Our Tea Blend

Crafted straight from master blenders in Hong Kong. This finely ground Ceylon tea blend brews an exceptionally silky smooth tea.

The Ceylon base is combined with additional black teas to create the signature Hong Kong taste you are so familiar with. The exact proportions are widely regarded as trade secrets and differ depending on tea houses. We work directly with roasters in Hong Kong to develop that nostalgic taste.

The unofficial drink for Hong Kongers

A drink as simple as tea and milk, yet so important to the culture of Hong Kong. This beverage dates back to the colonial times where the western culture merged together with the eastern culture like so much of the cuisine as a whole.

Hong Kong uniquely possesses both eastern and western qualities through its history. The evidence can be seen in one of Hong Kong’s most popular drinks: milk tea.

No additives, preservatives, or flavoring are added in our process. The result is a 100% fine blend of high qualify teas you can taste.

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Try our Hong Kong Milk Tea house blend sold exclusively on Amazon.

This is not your average 3-in-1 instant mix that are filled with preservatives and dissolves when mixed.  Only real tea here.

Taste the difference.



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